Support Engineer

As a Support Engineer for Dark Cubed you will be responsible for making sure our customers are delighted every day and our infrastructure is doing what it is supposed to do - help companies protect what matters most.  You will have the chance to play with a range of cool open source technologies and some secret sauce that we have developed in house on a daily basis.  This is an awesome position that combines customer interaction with the ability to geek out on technical stuff.  And just so you know, it isn't the wild west here, we have some pretty good best practices in place (such as Agile) to make sure that work is well coordinated across our team.


  • You will be the primary source of technical support for existing customers as well as customers that are just joining the Dark Cubed family.
  • You will have plenty of time to interact with our development team and our sales team to make sure that we are always focused on what matters most: our customers.
  • You will (hopefully) enjoy the opportunity to participate in the exciting, yet challenging, world of fixing things when they break using a combination of your skills in command line Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Python, Ruby, and Go....but don't worry, we can help you brush up on these skills if you need the help!


  • Comfortable with providing high quality support to customers because we care about our customers more than anything else!
  • Excellent written and verbal communication (We need to make sure you can speak so good)
  • Capable of translating results into business recommendations (This is corporate speak for can you translate between sales and engineering)
  • You need to be familiar with Unix/Linux systems (that sudo that you do...)
  • Understanding of Python and/or Ruby (if you think this is about snakes and gemstones, then this probably isn't the right job for you)
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously (This one is boring, I thought we deleted it!)
  • Strong desire to learn and grow in a startup environment (You ready to join us yet?)
  • Located in the Washington D.C. Region (Did you know the Smithsonian Museums are free here??)

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (Hint: Bonus point opportunities!!)

  • Experience providing customer support and/or technical support
  • Knowledge of Networking Fundamentals and Firewall Configurations
  • Familiar with Docker and/or Kubernetes
  • Familiar with Go
  • Familiar with Grafana
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL
  • Knowledge of Graph Databases (e.g. Neo4j)


  • You don't have to have a college degree or have triple majored in computer science, software engineering, and pre-med...if you know your **** you will fit in here!
  • We aren't requiring 235 years of escalating experience, because this is a great position to give someone a chance to jump in and show off their ability to learn quickly and grow even faster.
  • You don't have to have a CISSP, CCNA, CEH, A+, OSCP, etc laundry list of certifications; they are great if you have them, but we measure our team against their ability to get work done and to have fun doing it.