Dark Cubed Cuts Through The Noise

Today's cyber security market is built on the flawed ideal that your business has enough money and plenty of talent to buy and maintain overly-complex cyber security "solutions."  As a result, you have been left without a reasonable, business-focused approach for managing your cyber security risk. Dark Cubed cuts through the noise.

We help our customers save money and improve security by reducing complexity, designing new workflows, and improving data quality.  Rather than focus on flashy marketing campaigns, we prefer to simply put our product in your hands so you can see the benefit for yourself.

The Dark Cubed Cyber Security Platform

The Dark Cubed Cyber Security Platform demonstrates our commitment to meeting our customer's needs, wherever they are. Whether you need a product that can be deployed physically, virtually or in the cloud, we have the solution.  Within 15 minutes of installation, you will have real-time visibility into the connections to and from your network, prioritized by threat.  Our elegant dashboard is designed to allow our customers to quickly find threats and take action.  We even integrate with all of the most popular firewalls on the market so you can stop threats before they stop you.  If you don't have a firewall yet, don't worry! We have you covered.  Our entire system is built upon decades of experience in cyber security and utilizes a new, patent-pending approach to data analytics and threat intelligence processing to provide you with enterprise-grade capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Helping Companies of All Sizes

Dark Cubed is what cyber security innovation looks like.  If you are a small company with no cyber security infrastructure yet, we can help.  If you are a large enterprise that has already made significant investments, we can help make your team more efficient and effective.

Contact us today to learn how Dark Cubed can help your company protect what matters most.