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The threat of in-home smart (IoT) devices – like smart light bulbs, thermostats, power outlets, and security cameras – being hacked and controlled by botnets has been researched and documented extensively, but we wanted to explore the level of risk they pose during their everyday operations, as designed and delivered out of the box.

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What we did:

  • We purchased a variety of off-the-shelf in-home smart devices from major US brick-and-mortar and online retailers.

  • We monitored them in normal operations, using our threat identification and protection platform.

  • We examined the security of the devices themselves, their associated Android applications, and their back-end infrastructure.

What we found:

  • Inexplicable interactions with personal data

  • Unusual levels of communication between the devices and their infrastructure

  • Connections to IP addresses in questionable nation-states

  • Security practices and policies that were at best, ineffective and at worst, non-existent

Read more about our testing methodology and results by downloading our report.