It's Time for Action.

And We've Proven It.

The threat of in-home smart (IoT) devices – like smart light bulbs, thermostats, power outlets, and security cameras – being hacked and controlled by botnets has been researched and documented extensively, but we wanted to explore the level of risk they pose during their everyday operations, as designed and delivered out of the box.

The results of our tests were shocking! Just while behaving normally, the devices we tested communicate with China and have national security implications.

Download this technical volume of the report to review the detailed results of our research

Technical Details Include: 

  • Testing environment and methodology

  • A network traffic analysis for each device

  • A port communications profile 

  • An Nmap scan and infrastructure port review 

  • Man-in-the-middle assessment 

  • An analysis of the associated Android app to identify what personal data it could access

  • A review of the vendor's privacy policy 


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