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Dark Cubed | March 11, 2019

Washington D.C. based Mindshare selects Vince Crisler, Dark Cubed’s CEO, for its 2019 cohort.

Dark Cubed to take part in select, invitation only program for ceo’s of innovative fast-growing companies

Dark Cubed, an Alexandria, Virginia-based cyber security company, is proud to announce its inclusion in MindShare, an exclusive organization designed especially for CEOs of the most promising high-tech companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Founded in 1997 with the mission to help CEOs build long-term, sustainable companies, Mindshare connects select, handpicked CEOs from some of the area’s hottest emerging companies, ultimately creating growth opportunities, and fostering collaboration in a collegial environment. 

‘We are delighted to welcome Dark Cubed to this year’s class,” said Steve Balistreri, Managing Director at Deloitte and executive committee board member. “Each year, our Mindshare participants hail from some of the most innovative organizations in the DMV and this year’s class is certainly representative of the momentum and diversity we see in technology companies across this region.”

Mindshare received more than 160 nominations for 2019, with 57 of those accepted into the final cohort. 

The newest MindShare members will complete a series of classes, taught by notable speakers, on building a business as a CEO. At the conclusion of the program, members with significant attendance and participation will graduate and join a powerful alumni network of more than 1,000 CEOs.

2019 members attended a special welcome event on March 11that the Capital One Arena, hosted by Ted Leonsis and the MindShare Board. 

The Mindshare Board’s Executive Committee includes Harry Glazerof SPROCKIT; April Young of Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc.; Steve Balistreri of Deloitte & Touche, LLP, and Michael Lincoln of Cooley, LLP. MindShare is supported by a board of industry veterans who are committed to building a strong ecosystem for success. 

About Dark Cubed

Dark Cubed is an Alexandria, Virginia-based company innovating within the cyber security market through a focus on effective, scalable cyber solutions for small and midsized companies.  The company offers a low-friction, low-cost, highly-scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to deliver enterprise-grade security capabilities to customers at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market.

About MindShare 
Founded in 1997, MindShare’s mission is to help CEOs from the most promising high-tech emerging growth companies in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region build long-term, sustainable companies by providing mentorship, creating business opportunities and a sense of community, and fostering teamwork in a collegial environment. Year after year, the CEOs who graduate from MindShare reaffirm its enduring value through continued business opportunities and lasting friendships.

PR Newswire | February 12, 2019

Dark Cubed Acquires Fenris IV Incorporated

Dark Cubed Expands its Team and Offer New Products and Services to Underserved Cyber Security Markets

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dark Cubed today announces the acquisition of Fenris IV Incorporated (“Fenris”), a Charlottesville, Virginia-based cyber security company focused on delivering cyber security services to highly regulated small and midsize businesses.   Fenris brings to Dark Cubed an experienced security operations team of leaders and analysts and a technology stack delivered as a cloud-based service, eliminating the need for expensive on-premise hardware/software solutions.  Dark Cubed customers now have access to endpoint protection, device enumeration, security event monitoring, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, phishing tests, and training, in addition to the robust threat protection solutions already available from Dark Cubed. Read more.

Pepper | January 29, 2019

The State of IoT Security Report Reveals Systemic Security Hazards

KANSAS CITY, Mo. and ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 29, 2019 – Pepper IoT, the Internet of Things platform and service provider, and Dark Cubed, a provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions designed for small and midsized companies, have joined forces to raise awareness about security and privacy vulnerabilities plaguing household connected or “smart” devices. The partnership delivers solutions to IoT stakeholders who must ensure the protection of the consumers they serve. Read more

Dark Cubed | August 30, 2018

Dark Cubed Releases The State of Internet of Things (IoT) Security Report

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (August 30, 2018) – Today Dark Cubed, a cyber security company providing innovative cyber security solutions for small and midsized companies, announced the release of their new report titled “The State of IoT Security.”

This report outlines the potentially risky behavior observed during the testing of several commercially available off-the-shelf consumer devices intended for in-home use such as smart outlets, light bulbs, and video cameras.  Rather than replicate the more common security tests that demonstrate how Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be hacked, the Dark Cubed team took a different approach.  They examined the content of communications to and from these devices and where that information was being sent during the course of normal operations to understand if consumers are being placed at risk.

What they found:

  • Test results demonstrate Many IoT device manufacturers have failed to implement basic security protections in the design, development, and production of their products.

  • Several of the Android applications associated with these devices had significant security flaws and blatantly exposed the personal information of the users.

  • Assessment results reveal that retailers have either not performed any independent security reviews on the devices they are selling to consumers or have performed security reviews, but do not care about selling insecure devices.

“In the course of our daily operations monitoring threats to our clients’ networks, we are seeing an increasing number of attacks by armies of IoT devices,” said Vince Crisler, Dark Cubed’s CEO.   “It was our responsibility to investigate to assess the extent of this threat not only to our customers but to the market at large, and to make recommendations on how all of the players in the smart device ecosystem can maximize security and ensure that our privacies are protected.” 

According to Bryan Richardson, Dark Cubed’s CTO, “We expected to find weaknesses in these devices, but we did not expect to discover that several of these manufacturers had likely never considered security and had never subjected their devices to a security review.  That was shocking.”

The State of IoT Security report is available at

Federal News Radio | January 6, 2017

Podcast Interview with Vince Crisler: What DHS, FBI know about Russian hackers

While you were loafing and watching football over the holidays, this guest was creating an in-depth visualization of data provided by the Homeland Security Department and the FBI in their Joint Analysis Report. The so-called JAR outlined the Russian hacking project called Grizzly Steppe. But there's more going on than outlined in the 13-page report. Joining Federal Drive with Tom Temin with his revelations, Vince Crisler, CEO of cybersecurity startup Dark Cubed. Listen Now

Wired Magazine | July 21, 2016

How the Republican Conventions Fends off Hackers

There are thousands of devices owned by the RNC staff alone, not to mention the sprawling network of journalists and contractors who rely on the RNC’s Internet network as well. So how does the team keep those tools secure? Read more

Fortune | July 21, 2016

Inside the Republican National Convention’s Anti-Hacker Squad

Locking down such a large-scale, high-profile, albeit ephemeral event where thousands of attendees brings their own devices presents a unique set of challenges for her small team of half a dozen people, including some who work remotely. Learn how Dark Cubed helped track cyber threats at the 2016 RNC. Read more

CNET | July 20, 2016

Inside the RNC’s Secret Cybersecurity Battle

Dark Cubed's assessments are calculated by the company's information-sharing technology, which lets networks swap threat information with each other. The community approach allows members to see how the threats on their networks compare to the threats on others. Read more

New York Times | July 19, 2016

Security is a big concern at the National Convention (Video)

Security is a big concern at the National Convention, but not even threat is immediately visible. Watch NYT video interview and learn how Dark Cubed help track cybersecurity threats. Watch now

DC Inno | April 4, 2016

Former White House Security Team Unveils New Startup

A recent study conducted by Tanium and Nasdaq, entitled The Accountability Gap: Cybersecurity & Building a Culture of Responsibility, found that 91 percent of "high[ly] vulnerable" board members can’t interpret a cybersecurity report. Crisler will hope that Dark Cubed's platform will cut back on that figure, as he describe it to be perfect for rookie security analysts and first year hires. Read more | March 15, 2016

Cloud Infrastructure Security for AWS (RSA2016)

Vince Crisler, CEO of cybersecurity startup Dark Cubed, explores in this video how organizations rethink security now that boundaries are being redefined and traditional networks are going away. Watch Now