Dark Cubed For Good

The Mission:

Dark Cubed was founded to help protect small and medium size businesses from malicious cyber attackers. The majority of SMB’s cannot afford to protect themselves, yet they are 50% of the target for attackers. Dark Cubed wants to help protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Non-Profits Are A Target

Non-profits often hold troves of valuable data. However, they are often unable to invest much in the cybersecurity for their networks. Where a Fortune 500 company might have a billion dollar information security budget, non-profits can’t even come close to a budget of that size. This makes cost-effective cybersecurity technologies critical for companies in the non-profit sector.


Average number of files a non-profit loses after a data breach


Growth in phishing emails in 2019


Number of cyberattacks targeting U.S. organizations in 2017

The Solution

Dark Cubed will donate 2,020 sensors in 2020 to charitable organizations all over the United States. If you would like to nominate your charity for a Dark Cubed For Good sensor please fill out the form below.

2,020 Sensors in 2020

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