The Value of Shared Data Analytics

Here at Dark Cubed, we are focused on a new approach to cyber security that works for companies of all sizes. A key part of our mission is to use elegant engineering to simplify the deployment and use of sophisticated security capabilities. One key component behind Dark Cubed is our ability to provide enhanced protection for our customers through near real-time data analytics and predictive algorithms. As we continue to deploy Dark Cubed to more customers, we are ramping out our data science and analytics capabilities, both in-house and through partnerships. Two of the partnerships we are excited about are with the University of New Haven (focusing on IoT and Mobile Malware applications, and George Mason University (focusing on data analytics and visualization,

Reflections on Last Week

I was on the road last week and had plenty of airplane time to catch-up on some overdue reading and reflection.  The conclusion of the week was marked by a rather interesting event that caused a relatively significant event on the Internet with the DDoS attack against the Dyn’s architecture.  Now, just to warn you, this isn’t a posting about how we could have fixed it and how we are the magic bullet for cyber security…we aren’t that obtuse (although many other cyber security companies are seizing this as a marketing opportunity).  Anyway, while at home this weekend and in between baseball games and kid birthday parties, I had a chance to reflect on the week and our vision at Dark Cubed, I was struck by the impact of three events from the week.

Lessons Learned From Protecting the 2016 Republican Convention

Last month I spent the week in Cleveland, Ohio – the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and LeBron James.  I wasn’t there to enjoy the sights, rather, Dark Cubed had been provided the opportunity to demonstrate our technology at the Republican National Convention as a member of the Cyber Security Operations Center.  Here are some of my thoughts resulting from supporting this historic event, regardless of your political leanings.

Great Press For Dark Cubed!!

We want to send a  huge thank you to a number media outlets for highlighting the hardworking team behind the scenes at the Republican National Convention (RNC) this past week. Rarely do we hear a success story woven into media coverage around cyber security. Instead, we read about data breaches, millions of dollars lost and encroaching Russian hackers. Advancements to the security measures at the RNC this year allowed the collective team to weave a story of success into the more common cyber security narrative.