We are not a transactional company.

You have seen it all before. The 30-second elevator pitches, the pushy sales guys who won’t leave you alone, the companies that sign you on with grand promises but devote little to no effort to supporting you as a new partner. MSP security vendors are not always known for their customer service skills. Dark Cubed is different. Right now, we imagine you are probably reading this with healthy skepticism at best but let us explain why we’re different. 


Dark Cubed was founded because cybersecurity in its current state is simply too complicated and difficult to implement. To build even a fledgling security program requires hundreds of thousands of dollars of investments in people, processes, and technology, and that’s just the starting point. Dark Cubed started with a singular mission: to make cybersecurity accessible to all organizations — not just for the large banks of the world, but also for the mom-and-pop grocery stores, the locally owned gyms, and the cash-strapped non-profits providing water to those in need. Our goal of making security accessible to our clients is infused throughout everything we do as a company. 


To facilitate this goal, Dark Cubed offers an industry-leading partnership program. We partner with geographically dispersed MSPs in order to provide their clients with cutting-edge cybersecurity at a small-business price point. However, unlike many of our competitors, we consider that the starting point of our partnership rather than its end. We believe security works best when communities of businesses and individuals work together to improve our collective security. So here are some of the highlights of what we offer our partners.


Dedicated and responsive support.So many companies have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality with their partners — we don’t. We want to provide our partners with the best, most responsive support to make sure our product is working for both them and their customers.


A dedicated marketing specialist. Every MSP serves a different vertical and has a different mix of customers. We find our MSP partners tend to have the most success when they team up with a Dark Cubed marketing expert to build materials for their unique needs.


Access to our security acumen. To design the best product possible for our partners, we built a team of experienced security professionals with a variety of backgrounds. When our partners need help, we strive to be there for them as much as possible. One of the ways we do this is by advising our partners on how they can build their security programs and improve their clients’ security (and no, we don’t try to upsell them!)


Referred leads. Dark Cubed receives demo requests weekly from individual companies looking to improve their cybersecurity. When we have an MSP partner in the area, we refer those leads to the nearest partner. We’ll be honest — we can’t promise our partners leads. But if we get them and they’re in an MSP’s area, we will do our best to hand them off.