Swimming Upstream at Black Hat

Recently I was one of the many tens of thousands of attendees converging on Las Vegas at Black Hat, the massive annual cyber security conference.  One morning of the event I found myself walking down a long venue hallway while thousands, and this is no exaggeration, I mean thousands of attendees were walking the opposite direction.  

The whole corridor was filled with people heading to the expo floor to see the new cyber security technologies on display and learn how AI, machine learning, magical mystery boxes, and other toys would help them finally secure their network.  I was one of three or four people heading the other direction and that got me thinking. Sometimes the majority is right and it doesn’t make much sense to try to do anything different, and sometimes we need folks to challenge the status quo and go in a new direction.  

At Dark Cubed, we are taking a different approach. Our focus is on providing a simple, intuitive platform that works for companies of all sizes and risk profiles; we provide practical security that protects without the need for highly trained experts and millions of dollars.

While many of the tools and technologies on display at Black Hat 2017 will help to secure and protect networks, too many of these purchases will require significant budgets and armies of analysts and cyber security engineers to get them up and running and keep them working effectively. And often these tools simply confine the state of your cyber security into a little black box where you have very little visibility or insight into what is actually happening.  

We are using some incredibly cool technologies such as containerization, micro services, cloud computing, and our own patent-pending anonymization technology to deliver a whole range of cyber security capabilities for our customers that are affordable, accessible, and doesn’t require a massive full-time staff to maintain.

The Enterprise Strategy Group’s Network Security Monitoring Trends report cites the well-documented cyber skills shortage as one reason that forward-looking enterprises should seriously consider ease of use and automation when purchasing network monitoring tools. We agree that “tools should be simple to install” and help “automate processes and operations, offloading today’s manual tasks.” So much so that this is an integral part of our design. Our Dark Cubed appliance deploys in just 15 minutes! And this little black box serves an additional purpose, protecting the privacy and anonymity of each and every one of our customers.  

With all the marketing and noise in the cyber security market, you’re probably skeptical right now about just how different our approach is – which is why we also take a different approach to letting folks explore what we have to offer.  With a free demo, no long-term commitments, and a very simple install process, we can have you up and running on Dark Cubed faster that it would typically take to sit through a demo of a more traditional cyber security company.  

Ready to take a step in a new direction?