Cyber Security Monitoring In 15 Minutes? Really???

If you've read anything about Dark Cubed, you know that we pride ourselves on being different. We have built a powerful cyber security platform that is easy to install and use.

"no way." It's too simple.

Most people hear claims like that and think, “no way.” It's too simple. They are jaded. I don’t blame them. Most people discount those claims as marketing hype… if it is powerful, it cannot be easy to install or use. It has to be hard and expensive.

Well, I want to share an experience we recently had with a customer in New York.

We shipped their appliance via FedEx, so I know that it arrived safely in its box at 2:49 p.m.

To get our appliance running, the customer had to make three connections.

  1. First, he had to plug the appliance in.
  2. Second, he had to connect the appliance to his network so it could get an IP address and connect to the Internet. As soon as this happens, the appliance connects to our data center to download the software it needs to do its job.
  3. The third connection was from his switch to our appliance. The customer configured his switch to mirror all inbound and outbound traffic to a specific port, and he connected that port to our appliance.

With this final connection, the appliance begins sending requests for threat scores.

Incoming Data Being Processed

Incoming Data Being Processed

By 4 p.m., when we had a training call with the customer, the appliance had already requested and received scores for over 4,000 unique IP addresses.

In Just an Hour From Dark Cubed Arriving at our Customer's data Center, we had already processed and received scores for over 4,000 unique IP addresses.

I know that I'm a geek… but let that sink in for a minute. In a little over an hour we had a customer unpack our appliance, connect it to their network, configure and connect their switch. The appliance connected to our data center, downloaded the software it needed, requested and received threat scores for more than 4,000 unique connections to and from his network.

Then remember… for each of those 4,000 IP addresses, we compared them to more than 60 sources of threat intelligence. We used predictive analytics to assign a threat score to those IP addresses that were not found in our intelligence sources. And we did this all in real-time.

This customer went from zero visibility to real-time, correlated threat intelligence in an hour. One person. No onsite support. No consulting or integration services. Our product documentation fits on a 3x5 card.

No other company can deploy such a powerful, comprehensive solution so quickly and simply.

If you want to learn more about how Dark Cubed is simplifying cyber security, or if you want to try the product FREE for 30 days, schedule a demo with us today!