Dark Cubed Makes Cyber Security Even More Simple With Release 12.0

Here at Dark Cubed, we're excited to announce release 12.0 of our Cyber Security Platform.

We generally release updates of our simplified cyber security platform each month. Since launching with release 1.0 in April of 2016, we've made strategic progress and we're especially proud of this release.

The biggest feature in release 12.0 is Multi-Level Reporting.

Before today, if a customer had multiple locations, we would deploy Dark Cubed Appliances (physical hardware, virtual, or cloud-based) at each location.

Each Appliance would serve a Dashboard to allow the customer to monitor and manage threats on that network.

That meant if a customer had multiple locations and wanted to get a complete picture across their company, they would have to look at multiple Dashboards.

Today's release introduces the ability to deploy an unlimited number of devices across locations and to then monitor and manage cyber-risk on a single screen. Customers can create groups (stores, warehouses, east-coast, west-coast, U.S., international) and monitor risk for a single device, a group, or all devices from one screen, with one login.

This feature is especially important to two types of customers:

  • Companies with multiple physical locations that want to manage risk from a centralized location.

  • MSSPs that want to deploy our Platform to multiple customers with the ability to monitor risk at a single customer, or across their customer base.

To find out more about the Dark Cubed platform and the features in release 12.0.