Cyber Security That Simply Works.

At Dark Cubed, we focus on simplicity, innovative design, and practical security that provides protection without the need for highly trained experts and millions of dollars of product purchases. 

We are committed to continuously seeking out new, innovative ways to bring advancements across the information technology sector into cyber security so companies of all sizes can finally protect what matters most. Here are a few of our platform's key capabilities. 

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Monitor your network traffic and benefit from enterprise-grade threat intelligence and predictive analytics without lifting a finger. Get real-time visibility into the connections to and from your network, prioritized by threat.



Use our elegant dashboard to quickly find threats and take action. We integrate with all of the popular firewalls on the market. Drill down with a simple click. Configure dropdown to link external services, like Splunk or other logging systems.



Receive alerts when and how you want. Get instant network notifications via Slack or E-Mail. Set thresholds to minimize noise. Know and control what happens on your network. Manage network traffic and flow technology with built-in tools.



Benefit from fully anonymous threat intelligence sharing across the Dark Cubed community while respecting your privacy and security. This gives you enterprise-grade threat awareness without the costs and burden.



Stop malicious traffic and reduce threat exposure quickly through automated or manual blocking. Simple workflows enable one-click blocking and unblocking of high-risk traffic sources or targeted services. Auto blocking enables you to set rules that apply when you are away. 

Enterprise-Grade Analytics for Any Business.

Protect What Matters Most.


■  Real-Time Monitoring
■  Threat Intelligence
■  Predictive Analytics
■  Elegant Dashboard
■  Streamlined Workflow
■  Executive Reporting
■  Active Blocking
■  Easy Integration
■  Rapid Customization

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